It’s Your Legacy – Learn How to Protect it!

Your estate represents the values and traditions you hold dearly. Whether you own family farmland, a family business, or even a home or cabin, an estate plan helps you protect your legacy!

A well-crafted estate plan will help you avoid death taxes (federal and state), probate costs, and the loss of assets to the nursing home. Your estate plan can also help you fairly divide wealth and land between your children or heirs. At Pat Lowther Law, our estate planning practice exists to help you protect your legacy.

Because we believe you should keep what you’ve earned, we give free, no-obligation educational workshops to anyone in the southern Minnesota area. We make it our mission to help our clients understand how to protect their futures and legacies.

To learn about protecting your legacy and future, give us a call at 651-345-3445 and sign up for a free educational workshop!

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